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Workshop Remodel: Design Inspiration

by Haylie

The one thing that was almost a deal breaker when we bought our house was that it didn’t have a garage. My husband, Cole is a classic Mini Cooper guru and has his own channel on Youtube where he posts tutorials and info about the car and how to fix any issues with the car. As you can imagine a garage would have been the ideal place for him to work but in the area that we were looking, and the price bracket that we were working with, did not allow for such luxuries. So we compromised and said yes to the covered carport with a workshop.

We looked into potentially enclosing our carport and turning it into a garage but we ultimately decided that the amount of money that it would cost to do it wasn’t a wise investment considering all the other areas that we wanted to improve in our house. We did, however, decide that we would outfit the carport and workshop to meet my needs aesthetically and both of our needs functionally. We want to give the carport a face lift but most of the work that needs to be done will be inside the workshop. Here is what we currently have going on in the workshop.


As you can see it’s a pretty small space and a pretty poor use of the space we have. In conjunction with this remodel we are also getting a tool shed to go in the backyard where we will store the majority of the outdoor and lawn tools. That should help free up a ton of space in there. 

This is also the space where Cole does a lot of his filming for his channel so the goal is to clean up the space a lot so that visually it’s less chaotic.

We utilized the space in between the studs in order to try to maximize space but without decent organization, our efforts were lacking. We moved from a house that had a full 2-car garage to a space that is 5ft x 19ft. So our initial goal was to just get it all in there and we lived with it this way for almost 2 years. 

In these photos we have already replaced the door. How we installed the new one will come in a later post. We hope to replace the windows eventually too. We were so cramped for space that we were using the rafters as additional storage. 


Since this space will effectively be Cole’s office, and will be seen by all of his followers, it needs to be functional. These are the priorities for this space:

  • Organization
  • Insulated walls, doors, windows to help keep the hot out in the summer and cold out in the winter
  • Drywall
  • Pegboard
  • Shelving
  • Designated work spaces


I started digging to see if I could find some similar spaces or excellent garage storage solutions. Here is what I found.

Image from: Sypsie Design

I love how clean their workspace is. We will also be using peg board in our design.

Image from: The Family Handyman Magazine

Cole’s work space will look something like this one.

Image from: Shanty2Chic

These girls know how to rock pretty much anything they set their minds to.  My space in the workshop will include this beautiful miter bench.

Image from: Jay’s Custom Creations

We obviously wont have a garage door but we do intend on adding over head shelving on every wall.



Because the space doesn’t have AC we wanted to try to insulate the space as much as possible. We are still unsure whether or not we will get a small AC unit for the space but we want to at least do everything we can to keep the heat/cold out. Living in the south it gets up to 99+F degrees in there. It makes working and filming in there very difficult. We think that the majority of the heat that gets in the space is from the roof so we will insulate the roof and drywall the ceiling to give us a break from the heat. We will insulate and drywall all the walls, update all the windows and doors, add shelving and peg board for storage and seal and finish the concrete floors. We will build new work benches for each of our specific needs and that will wrap up the project.

I can’t wait to get started and share with you all the progress. If you have any other brilliant storage solutions that you use or you have seen I’d love to hear about them.

For more info on Cole’s youtube channel and what he loves to do check out his channel page or follow him on Instagram.

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