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Throwback Thursday: Patio Edition

by Haylie + Amber

With warmer weather taunting us and spring-like rain every other day we have our minds on our outdoor spaces. It’s still not quite warm enough to jump into those outside project yet this year, so we will continue our Throwback Thursday segment with some greatest hits from last year.  This week’s throwback is our Patio Edition.

In the past year, we did a bunch of hardscaping in both of our yards so we thought we would get your creative juices flowing for your yard this year.

The first throwback is throwing it waaaay back to one of Haylie’s first posts. It’s not exactly a patio per say but it uses a lot of the same installation methods. Did you know that Haylie’s house didn’t always have a front porch? Check out this post about how she bricked in a planter to create a front porch.

From Planter to Porch

Next up, Amber gives the birthday gift of all birthday gifts to Daniel. He is one lucky dude. Last year he got a patio and this year she shipped in a pizza from their favorite pizza place in Chicago… Just a reminder people we live in the southeast… That is dedication.


The last throwback for today is Haylie’s patio that she installed last August with reclaimed pavers. This project jumped off Haylie and Cole’s dream for an outdoor living space. More projects to help that dream come true will take place this year so stay tuned.

Beginning Our Outdoor Living Space: Patio Edition

That’s all for this week. I hope you all are enjoying these throwbacks. Let us know if there is a specific post that you really enjoyed from the past year that you feel deserves a second debut. Happy Thursday!



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Robin June 21, 2018 - 10:51 am

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