Home Projects Throwback Thursday: Fence Edition

Throwback Thursday: Fence Edition

by Haylie + Amber

One of the bigger projects that we both included in our yard transformations that made the biggest difference last year was the addition of fencing. We finally hit temps in the 80’s this week in the Carolinas so we are all excited about the warm weather and want to spend all our free time outside. Since Haylie and Cole plan on jumping on staining their fence as soon as there are a dry few days we thought why not a throwback today to our fence installations!

First up, is Haylie’s hodge-podge fence turn private backyard escape. It was a pretty comical attempt at making a bad situation better but in the end, it turned out great!


After Amber and Daniel practically rebuilt their yard with their retaining wall they added their fence to create an amazing finished outdoor living area. Copper has a love-hate relationship with it since it keeps him from playing in the creek as frequently.

Snakes Out, Dogs In: Our Privacy Fence Install

Shortly after their fence was installed Amber and Daniel tackled the task of staining their fence! Haylie and Cole are all too excited to jump on this fun project.


That’s it for this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday! Are we getting you excited about spring?!? Because we can.not.wait. Happy Thursday friends! We hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter! We will be spending most of ours outside and with family for Easter!!

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