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Gift Guide for Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers

by Haylie + Amber

As we get closer to Christmas we believe that Santa may need a little help in delivering joy to all the houses in the world so we put together a list of stocking stuffers. These are all things we have either gotten in our stockings and loved, great ideas we’ve seen while shopping, or gifts that proved to be a success in the past. Happy stocking stuffing!



1.Cable Ties: Super useful for the traveler or the tech-y person. In the digital age, everyone needs help wrangling wires.

2. Multi tool: Santa gave Daniel one similar to this last year in his stocking. Both he and Amber have loved how handy it has been.

3. Ornament: Both Amber and Haylie have gotten ornaments in their stockings every year since they were kids. It added to the magic and memories of the year.4. Traditional Candy: Haylie and her sister used to get these each year in their stocking and it being in a special package for christmas made it all the more special. It quickly became a holiday tradition.

5. Socks: Christmas time might end on the 25th for most, but winter lasts for a few more months, at least. So cozy socks are definitely a good pick for a stocking gift.

6. Movie gift card: Haylie and Amber both got movies in their stockings as kids and since dvd’s and VHS’ aren’t really a thing anymore, this movie gift card is the next best thing. Plus all the good movies come out in December.

7. Desktop Calendar: There’s nothing better to help you look forward to the New Year than a new calendar. This one is adorable!

8. Yeti Koozie: Amber and Daniel have some of these and they swear by them. Nothing is better than an ice cold drink.

9. Phone Case: Phone cases are a great accessory gift for stockings, especially this one that comes with a power bank.

10. Candle: Enjoy the scent of a live christmas tree all winter long with this Balsam Fir candle.

We hope this gives you a few ideas for the stockings in your household. We know that Santa will greatly appreciate the help. After all, isn’t there a little Saint Nick in all of us?

Merry Christmas!!!



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