by Amber

Haylie and I started dreaming and working on this blog in September of 2016, even typing that feels unreal.  This time last year we were hard at work getting ready to go live and tweaking all the small details on the design of the blog.  Fast forward a year and here we are, nearing our one year blog anniversary.  So what is the future of this blog?If you follow along on our Instagram account that you probably know a little bit about the crazy transition of our full-time jobs.  I’m here to share some basic information about that and what the future looks like now.

Haylie and I have worked on the same team for the last 3 years and during this time we have become extremely close!  I will forever be thankful for that!  I also know that regardless of what happens next we will always remain close! Last July we were told that the studio we worked in would go through a major transition.  The client wanted to take the studio back in-house.  At that point, we didn’t know any details.  Over the next few months, we applied, interviewed, and worked towards keeping our jobs.  Fast forward to the last two weeks before our contract ended in January and we were holding our breath waiting to find out who got a job, and who would become a freelance employee.  Freelance is still a job, just one with a little less stability.

I am a photographer who mainly shoots kitchen and dining products but shoots a little bit of everything at the same time, including Christmas decor and merchandise.  I had been with the company for almost 8 years and was offered a position this January.  I was very relieved and thankful but immediately thought of all of my coworkers who have become more like family than friends.   We have so much fun every day with each other.  This is an example of us being silly and just having a good time! 

The good news is that everyone is still needed so most people are staying on.  The bad news is that it will mostly be freelance and a lot of people struggle with that type of work.

So Haylie and I talked a lot during this process and we were very open with each other.  She was not offered a position at this time but can be offered a position in the other hiring rounds coming up.  Change of this magnitude is hard especially when it comes to one’s livelihood.  As you can imagine it had an effect/put a damper on Haylie’s typical goofball personality.  Haylie is an extremely talented individual with so much drive that I know she is going to be so successful!  At the end of the day, I think the transition could be really beneficial for her, though it does come with downsides, she will have just a tiny bit more time to do the things that she loves and is very good at.  This brings me to my next point of watercolor home paintings!!

I have to brag on her for a minute.  This girl just decided one day that she wanted to try watercolor, and she, of course, was great at it.  We talked about it a lot and ultimately she decided to start doing some house paintings.  I was blown away so I purchased one last year as a Christmas gift and then again this year as another gift.  Let me just show you what I’m referring to.

Do you see what I’m talking about? Like seriously how good are those!!  Anyways, in some of Haylie’s new found time, even though she is still freelancing, she is about to launch a new website and is selling them online now.  I have to say that photos don’t do them justice like seeing them in person.  If you would like one or know someone who would love one as a gift go visit her page and support her!  She really is so awesome and is wanted to do these more often.

I’m sure you are also wondering about the future of the blog since I said I mentioned it before, so here goes.  These are some things Haylie and I have been talking about but will be ongoing with the changes in our personal lives.  Since the blog doesn’t really bring in any income at this time it is really hard to devote as much time to it as we were.  For now, we are both going to focus a little more on how to divide and conquer, as well as make an income for our families.  Currently, we both do everything: the blog, Instagram, Facebook, and of course the 10 million projects.  Moving forward I will be doing a few more projects and posts and she will be doing a little more social media.

This isn’t something that is official by any means but we both needed to take a little bit off our plates and destress some.  This is the easiest way we found to move forward but both be happy.  We are still going to try to post each Tuesday like normal and stay current on social media but we aren’t going to put that extra pressure on ourselves to be perfect all the time and post to everything no matter what.

I want to take this time to say thank you so much to all our followers on the blog, Instagram, and Facebook who have shown us so much support during this last year.  We have had so many kind words shared with us and been encouraged so much to keep doing this and because of that, we are still going to keep moving forward, just in a slightly different capacity.

I would like a little help from you guys though, we want to know what you would like to see from us?  Any projects you want to know how to do?  Do you love or hate some of our current posts?  Trust us we have tough feelings and love a good critique, we were both art majors after all!  If you have any feedback or suggestions please share them with us.

We love you guys and want to say thanks again for all the love and support over the last (almost) year.



Colleen Gentry February 20, 2018 - 5:07 pm

Being able to be fluid with what life throws at you is a successful way to approach the world. Look forward to the next evolution of House2House.

Chris February 20, 2018 - 6:33 pm

I still think you should do a blog about taking up the carpet on my stairs/Chester’s home office.

Chris and Chester


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