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In honor of my birthday this week I thought I would share all the details on my birthday surprise last year, it was pretty awesome!! My sweet husband took the day off work and started installing bead board in our half bath.  He may have underestimated how long it was going to take but it was a wonderful and perfect surprise!  Since this was a total surprise I don’t really have any before photos or very many during photos.  Bare with me on this one as it is more of a what to do and not do kind of post and not an exact how to.  So when I got off work and came home the bathroom looked like this.

Some people may have freaked out but I was over the moon excited that I was going to have a pretty bathroom much sooner than I had originally expected.  The bathroom before he got started was very bland, yellow walls and an oval builder grade mirror.

Now for what we did (mostly him but I helped finish it up).  To my knowledge Daniel started by taking off all the baseboards (I explain how to do this in my guest bath makeover) and removed the sink.  The two weeks before starting he stayed late at school every day to sand and paint the all the boards white without me knowing.  Once this was done and my birthday arrived he started installing the individual tongue and groove bead boards as soon as I went to work.  He started on the back wall behind the toilet and worked his way around the room finishing each wall before he moved to the next.  

He used a nail gun and compressor to attach each board directly to the wall.  He drew a line on the wall all the way around the room to ensure he stayed level while attaching each board.  In the first few photos, and the one below, you can see a variety of tools that he used during this project… how awesome is he to surprise me with this!! He’s a keeper! 🙂

Sorry about the low quality iPhone photos, I didn’t realize these would ever be shown to the world at the time, oops!  So let’s talk paint… I quickly found my drawer full of every paint sample that Lowe’s, Sherwin Williams, and Home Depot have to offer when I got home to my surprise and pulled my favorite navys.  These are what I came up with.

After looking at them I decided that I really liked Sherwin Williams, Salty Dog, the second swatch from the left.  I kept them on the wall for a few days just to be sure but picked up a sample just to confirm that I really did like it.

Next, it was time to install the molding on top of the bead board and reinstall the baseboards.  Daniel and I tag teamed this part because let’s be honest, I can’t say away from a project!

After the molding was up it was time to caulk, my least favorite part of the job.  We caulked all 200 holes from the nail gun, the top of the molding that connected to the wall, the bottom of the molding connected to the bead board, the baseboards, corners, and any major imperfections in the bead board itself.   After the caulk had time to dry we put another coat of white over everything. This is when it started to feel almost done!  So much so that we installed the sink, cleaned up our mess, put literally everything away. We waited two weeks to paint the bathroom.  Nothing wrong with taking a little break in my opinion.

I taped the newly painted white molding really well to make sure the bead board stayed white while I painted two coats of Salty Dog on the wall.  This is what it looked like when I finished painting.

Please notice the yellow walls outside the bathroom. That was the color of the powder room originally.  Someone also was being a salty dog because his photos were taken down; he loves all the attention!!

The only thing we needed to do at this point was to decorate.  We didn’t change anything major. We used the same toilet, sink, and light.  However, I did replace the builder grade oval mirror.  I purchased a new mirror from World Market that I loved and it happened to be the perfect size!  This mirror also comes in a whitewashed finish and I was so torn between the two but I’m happy that I went with the warm toned wood for this space.  I used the same photos of Cooper that I originally had hanging in the room and ta-da, this powder room was finished!!  This is what the room looks like today! 

I love this space and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  If anyone else is considering this same look I would highly recommend the sheets of bead board instead of the individual boards.  With the change in seasons, and temperature of the house the boards actually buckle and separate from the wall a little bit.  They seem to be constantly changing and we feel that we need to caulk them again after this past year.  It also took so much longer than we ever thought that it would.  The look of the wood is beautiful but if we did it all over again I would go with the sheet.  To see how Haylie used the sheet bead board in her hall bath check out this post.

So that’s it y’all, I have the sweetest husband!! I’m thankful for everything that he does for me everyday!!  This was such a sweet thing that took months of planning and prepping to pull off this incredible birthday gift!!  He has always gone over and beyond to make me feel special on my birthday, but this one takes the cake.  Get the joke… cake cause it was my birthday… okay, yeah it wasn’t really funny, but I try!  If you have questions I’ll be happy to ask Daniel, but no promises on how much he remembers; he looses his keys at least twice a day 🙂 … really though we will help if we can.

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