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Y’all I am being really open here, I am one of those people that cries when I’m super stressed out.  I don’t know why but I can’t control it.  It sounds stupid as I’m writing this but I couldn’t take the stress of my house being torn apart, scheduling drywall repairs, painters, finishing the shiplap wall all while being a few days away from Thanksgiving.  I thought I had it all planned out but you know what they say about plans, nothing ever goes as planned!  Here is the story step by step and from the beginning if you missed anything so far.


So Daniel and I get the shiplap almost finished and I get sick.  We pushed it off as much as we could, then got it finished (for install details click here) and painted.  He was sweet enough to prime it for me and all I had to do was pick a paint.  I tried a few and decided that I loved the color Haylie used in her Laundry Room (Link) called Peppercorn.  We ordered it, got it home, put it up on the wall and I immediately had that bad feeling in my stomach.  Loved the color but hated the way it made the windows stand out.  I have a major pet peeve with our windows being different heights in this room and this only seemed to make it worse.  We stepped back and decided nope, not today!!

So we stuck with the white.  We had a full can in the garage already so it didn’t cost us anything else and we now plan to use the Peppercorn in our bedroom so no worries.  Now that problem one is solved all is good right…. ha!


I already touched on this last week but if you missed that post be sure to check it out here.  The thing I didn’t talk about was how we hadn’t planned on resurfacing and repairing this whole wall and had to reschedule our painters for the day before Thanksgiving.  We knew the repair was over our heads but when we called they said, I’m sure it will take a day.  After getting to the house and seeing it in person they said they actually needed three days to do the job correctly.  We of course agreed and called the painters right away and they only had the day before Turkey day open.  Though I am EXTREMELY thankful they could do it before the holiday it was a mad dash to get everything back together before the family arrived for Thanksgiving.  This was the end result of the molding wall repair. 


Picking paint is stressful already, but picking a paint color that will cover 1/4 of my house is a different story.  Since we have a bit of an open floor plan the paint would include the living room, entryway, hallway to our bedroom, and up the stairs/ upstairs hallway.  It is a really big space and was going to cost a good bit of money so I was nervous from the start.  Since our entry is two stories tall and we needed all of the trim repainted, including the stairs we decided to get a quote.  Turns out it was in the budget so we booked them ASAP.

This is where I am so glad I have such a great work family.  I came to work and explained how stressed I was about picking the color.  I had at least 10 samples on the wall and each time I added a new one it only made the problem worse.  This is what it looked like before adding Agreeable Grey and 75% Repose Grey.I decided that I liked Repose but was scared it was too dark and 50% was getting close to white.  I also still wasn’t sure so I got 75% Repose and Agreeable Grey to try.  Well…. this is where the breakdown happened.  It just made me so confused because at that point I was tired, stressed, ready for it to all be over, and unable to see the colors in both the daylight and at night.  I also already changed the wall color and had a wasted gallon of paint so the pressure was on.

Haylie and John to the rescue!! First, thank goodness Haylie and I work together because we have to talk out most of our design decisions and she was able to photoshop my house to Repose Grey so I knew I would like it.  She took my house tour images and had the color changed for me in less than 5 minutes while I was just talking away.  As soon as I saw it I loved it and ta da, Repose Grey at 100% is the choice!!


Aside from the fact that our entire house was yellow except the kitchen, the walls and trim were gross.  We are very active and also have a very large dog.  That being said, the flat paint was not our friend.  We couldn’t wash anything off without messing up the walls.

When our stairs were stained and then painted the paint didn’t adhere to the stain and has slowed started to flake off.  They also have been marked up from daily use and just needed another coat as you can see below. This is an example of some of the trim that just has a lot of normal wear but also the same stain/ paint issue. More trim. I feel like this is kinda normal but it looks bad.This is an example of the walls.  We have a blue tennis ball that we throw for Cooper and little did we know it was leaving spots all over the wall; being flat paint, we couldn’t get it off.   This is one of the first walls that you see when you walk into the house. It was time for some paint.
Not sure when this happened but at some point, Cooper decided to scratch the wall because he couldn’t get into our room, things like this were driving me crazy.


Those are just a few examples of why we needed to paint but I’m so glad that we did.  We decided to use Saul’s Custom Painting LLC.  and wow, were they amazing!!! If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and you need a painter you have to call him!! His number is (704)443-1738.  They didn’t sponsor this post I just can’t say enough about how great they were.  They showed up, primed the wall with the molding, painted two coats of paint on all our walls, and painted all the trim that included 4 windows, the stairs, and 8 door frames.  This was all done in one day!!!  They also removed the sconces in our entryway so that if we ever changed them out they were already painted for us. Seriously, how amazing is that?

Okay, enough about how much I love the painters.  It was the day before Thanksgiving and we were putting our house back together and I have to say that I will never do something like this right before the holidays again.  It was just a little much but it was all so worth it in the end.  Since we still have finished this space just yet, I know it’s February, I can’t show you all the pretty before and after photos but hopefully this weekend we will be able to finish up some of the last minute to-dos.  For now here is a little sneak peak of my favorite view.  The shiplap and the paint are finished but that rug has been replaced, woohoo for progress!

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