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Meet Amber and Haylie!

by Haylie + Amber

We are Amber and Haylie. We are both photographers, and although we actually had a few classes together in college, we didn’t really get to know each other until we started working together. We work for a studio that photographs commercial ads for a department store. It’s an exciting life that keeps us on our toes.We have worked together for a while now.  We quickly learned that we are very similar. You can chalk that up to our upbringing (both raised by a single mom in the south) or our astrological sign (both virgos) if you are into that kinda thing. Either way, we literally finish each others sentences….. all the time.

Its true, we do have a lot of very similar qualities and tendencies, right down to the brown hair and indecisiveness, especially when it comes to food. Although, we are in some ways very different. Amber is a lover of caramel, has a Farmhouse-chic style, and has a type-A personality. Haylie is a lover of chocolate and believes death by chocolate is not a real thing. She has a more mid century-industrial style and has a type-B personality. You can see why we work so well together. Have you ever had a better sweets combo than chocolate and caramel.. We haven’t! To learn more about our hopes and dreams for our blog check out our About Us page.


Amber enjoys her home with her husband, Daniel and their labradoodle fur-baby, Cooper.  Amber, Daniel and Cooper are on a constant adventure. When they aren’t DIY-ing they are typically enjoying time outside.  They love hiking, kayaking, having a fire in the backyard, or spending precious time with family and friends.   As big University of South Carolina fans they can be found cheering on the Gamecocks year round! Check out Amber and Daniel’s current home tour!


Haylie and her husband Cole, love and adore their rescue fur-baby named Damon.  When Cole and Haylie are not confusing their “afraidy-pants” dog with their house projects, they love to cuddle up on the couch with a fire and a movie, support local arts and businesses, or dream about their next opportunity to travel. In the spring and summer they hit the outdoors every chance they get and go backpacking, camping or kayaking… sometimes with Amber and Daniel :-). Check out Haylie and Cole’s home tour!


We hope that our similarities bring you inspiration and our differences bring you perspective as we collect life lessons, tricks of the trade, and a “few I told you so’s” on our DIY home blog. Enjoy!


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