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Master Bath Face Lift

by Amber

Yellow on yellow: Let’s just say I couldn’t take it for very long.  After we finally unpacked and got settled into the house, the first project on my list was to paint our master bathroom.  After looking at four different paint colors on the walls for a couple weeks I decided on gray.  We have cream colored cabinets, but to most people they appear to be pale yellow.  Yellow walls against cream cabinets made me a tiny bit crazy, so I decided immediately that I wanted to go neutral. Our bedroom is yellow, as is the hall outside of our bedroom, as you can see in the image below.  See how it was a lot of yellow?

This is our bathroom right before we moved in.  Sorry I don’t have a better photo but you can see the cream cabinets blended a little bit with the walls.

To tell you a little about my style, I LOVE gray walls.  Before we moved out of our first house, I painted our entire living/ dining/ kitchen area gray.  I really enjoyed the way it brought the rooms together.  To me, neutral walls make a space appear a lot bigger, and allows you to pay more attention to decor instead of the wall color. The best part about neutral paint is that it almost matches everything, so you can switch the decor and not feel like you need to repaint the space.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have bright colors on my walls and appreciate them for different reasons, I just tend to fall back on my love for neutral.

Back to the paint samples, these are the paint colors that I tried in multiple places in our bathroom.  Left to right is: Grey Sanctuary (HGTV Home), Alpaca (Sherwin-Williams), Repose Gray (Sherwin-Williams), and a sample we had from a previous house that didn’t have a name on it.

I looked at them for a few days beside our granite, cabinets, tile, and wall over our tub.  The wall beside the tub gets the most sunlight, and the area by the sink mostly gets artificial light, so it was important that I look at it in both places.  Personally, I only decide on a color after I’ve had a chance to see them in the space with, and without sunlight.

Winner is….Repose Gray!  We purchased 1 gallon of Valspar interior satin finish paint from Lowe’s and I immediately got started.  We removed the mirror, all outlet covers, wall decor, towel holders, and taped around the lights.  I have a pretty steady hand from years of painting in college so it is easier for me cut in, than it is to use painters tape.  I tend to redo a lot of places that I tape, so I’ve learned that is not the best method for me.  My husband on the other hand would rather use tape.  Use whatever method works best for you.

I started on the wall with our vanity.  I trimmed the wall, then rolled the same wall.  I continued this method around the room.  Since I am very short, it is a lot easier for me to move the ladder as little as possible.  Balance is generally my friend except when it comes to holding a bucket of paint.  I get nervous and don’t like to take chances.

Fast forward, after finishing the walls in the main section of the bathroom I decided to call it a night.  I woke up the following morning after the paint was able to dry overnight and put the main bathroom area back together.  I hung up the mirror, towel holders, outlet covers, etc. so we could get ready for the day.  I snapped this quick photo of the huge difference before I got started painting.

Big difference right? This is what it looks like today.

I am so happy with how this room turned out.  We plan to frame in the mirror one day, but haven’t made it that far yet.  Never underestimate the power of a little paint and a few decorative touches.

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Elise B April 13, 2017 - 7:50 pm

Thanks for posting color names 🙂


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