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Modern industrial Inspired Laundry room: Inspiration

by Haylie

This space was my secret nemesis. A.) I hate doing laundry B.) I actually hate that the laundry is in our kitchen and C.) It’s a closet, not a full room. Now that I am done complaining, let me tell you why each of these factors leads to one of my favorite spaces in the house.

My solution for my general disdain for doing laundry was a simple one… make it pretty! So that was the main goal. I knew we didn’t have the flexibility in our floor plan or funds to relocate our laundry room so I was determined that if it were to stay in the kitchen I was going to make it work. Thankfully, my laundry is closed from the kitchen via bi-fold doors. A lot of houses from this era in our neighborhood just had the laundry open to the kitchen. So I am thankful for the separation but it being in a closet also allows me to go a little more bold with my design than I might in other areas of my house.


After painting the kitchen and loving how it turned out, our laundry was just another annoyance. With the open shelving, there was not really a great way to organize the random things that we end up storing in this space. The other thing that was the biggest annoyance is that there is not a light in the laundry room. The only near-by light was over the kitchen table and most of the time we just relied on the window light but honestly, neither option was cutting it. So a change was inspired.

So the priorities for our new laundry room were:

  • Light
  • Paint
  • Enclosed cabinets
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hide the water heater (hopefully)
  • Utilize the space


I scoured the internet and Pinterest for ideas over the course of about a week. Since the main wall was painted wood paneling and I knew I didn’t want to rip it all out, I started looking for inspiration for painted wood paneling and results for a laundry closet vs. the desired laundry room. Here are some I found that I loved.

Image from: Stacey Risenmay at Not Just Another Housewife

Image from: ChrisLovesJulia

Image from AtHomeArkansas

Image from Home Bunch

Image from Hooked On Houses

I started to see a pattern to all of my inspiration pins. I loved the contrast in these examples. The dark grey beadboard above had me sold. I’m going dark!


I loved the idea of adding cabinets but I knew we weren’t willing to dish out the money to have custom cabinets built. So in order to maximize our space, I decided I was going to do a combo of the first example and the last. We plan to hang cabinets but put wood shelves in between and below the cabinets to provide a better use of the space. I am also considering adding additional shelves above our hot water heater as well.

Although I’m not sure of the reason, our water heater is massive. I have never seen a cute water heater, so I also plan on creating a bi-fold screen to hide it. This example below is a screen built for an outdoor A.C. unit but I think I am going to take a similar approach in design for my water heater.

Image from Roots and Shoots

We are so excited to have our laundry room match the rest of our house and get its very own dose of style. Let me know if you have any great ideas for laundry storage. I’m looking for some awesome bins/baskets to put on my shelves so send me some inspiration if you know any good ones!






Colleen Gentry January 2, 2018 - 12:41 pm

I have truly the world’s worst ugly laundry area in our master bedroom closet. Your post inspired me to get busy and make it better. Thanks for the ideas and modeling “if you don’t like it then make it something you DO like!”

Haylie January 5, 2018 - 3:10 pm

Great!!! So glad you were able to gather some inspiration from this! It’s true. If you don’t like it you have the power to change it. 🙂


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