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Industrial Inspired Laundry Room: Reveal

by Haylie

Happy Day!! The laundry is done!! We are so excited for the laundry closet to match the rest or our living space. It really has improved my outlook on doing laundry! I’m serious! I hate doing laundry and having a pretty view has seriously made it not so bad but don’t take my word for it šŸ™‚

So let’s take a walk down memory lane. Here is where we started (below). You can see exactly how badly a change was needed.

So all this mess inspired a transformation. Here are some of theĀ priorities for our laundry room:

  • Light
  • Paint
  • Enclosed cabinets
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hide the water heater (hopefully)
  • Utilize the space

Check out more about our inspiration for this space here.


Jumping into this project with both feet, we re-homed orĀ got ridĀ of all the things on the shelves and started patching, cleaning and prepping the space. Check out more about the demo, the paint, and installation of the cabinets here.


With a freshly painted space and the cabinets up I knew molding and a light would polish off the space nicely! The addition of the light is still my favorite part of this renovation; even more so than our new appliance. Check out more about the molding and the smart lighting here.


The last major change for this space was the addition of the shelving in between and below the cabinets. Check out more about how I finished the shelves and use Cascade Iron Co. brackets to mount them in our laundry, here.

We could not be happier with how everything turned out. Check out these before and afters!

There are still a few things that we originally wanted to do in this space and still hope to do eventually. We wanted to build a screen for our water heater and probably still will in the future if we don’t decide to go with a tankless before then.Ā  We are also still looking for cabinet pulls that are just right. We have yet to find any that we love that don’t cost a fortune. For now, this space is night and day from what it was.

Donā€™t forget to check outĀ Cascade Iron Co, the maker of the brackets we used. They are definitely worth checking out. Thanks again Cascade Iron for your beautiful craftsmanship.


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