by Amber

Sooooo I’ve been working on my living room since the middle of November, but let’s be honest with Christmas I ran out of time to get it finished and share the details with you.  Now that the holidays are over and we are getting back to normal life, I have time to share everything with you.  I plan on sharing this entire makeover in phases but I’m going to start with the plan.  I knew that I wanted to keep half of my living room and update the other half, buuuuttttt deciding where to start was really hard.  I bought a new rug then realized that I couldn’t decide on it because I hadn’t painted.  I didn’t want to paint until I decided on the wall treatment, you get the point. So now what?


  • Paint walls
  • Remove picture molding
  • Install shiplap
  • New rug
  • New coffee table (ours broke)
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Hide cords/ Organize TV cabinet
  • Side table painted
  • Add other decor

That sounds like a long list but some are more of a want than a need.  This was the space before.

Some of the things we needed to change included the coffee table, at any minute ours could totally fall apart.  We have also had our rug since Cooper, our dog, was a puppy.  Being part lab he chewed a few small holes in it.  Now that he is no longer a puppy it is time to purchase a new one.

We have wanted to hide our TV cords for a while but have just been lazy so that was a must for me.  Remove the two molding squares under the windows.  Lastly repaint, we have lived in our house for over two years and have made a ton of marks all over the walls.  Specifically, Cooper had a blue tennis ball for a while that we played with and for the first few weeks we didn’t realize it was leaving perfect circles on the wall.  Since then we’ve had probably 25 little blue circles all over our yellow walls.  Since the paint was a flat finish you couldn’t get them off.


I of course turned to Pinterest and found all kinds of beautiful things that I loved.  To see our Pinterest account, check it out here.  I will include a few of my favorites for now.

Source: Harlowe James

Things I love in this space: sectional with wood coffee table, light curtains, fiddle leaf fig, and the two rugs.  I’m recently loving the double rug look.

Source:  Jenna Sue

I love the darker grey paneling and the lighter walls, thinking something similar for the accent wall with our TV.

Source: Unknown, please please tell me if you know so I can link. All I found is this.

I found this on Pinterest but it doesn’t take you to a blog or source.  I love the dark plank wall along with the jute rug.  I’m really torn on the look that I want for the rug but I really like this room.


After looking at all the inspiration I came up with what I loved and put it into a mood board, this is it.

Our current master bathroom is painted Sherwin- Williams Repose Grey and I love it.  It is a really nice neutral so that’s what I’m thinking for the living room.  I also fell in love with Haylie’s laundry room, that she will be sharing in a week or two, which is painted Sherwin-Williams Peppercorn so I thought why not go for dark.  At the end of the day it is one wall, I could easily repaint it if I hated it.

Since our windows are at different heights in the corner I wanted to add curtains in the corner to help distract the eye and soften the room.  We would also love to have a little privacy in this space since we don’t have blinds.  We like our neighbors but they can see directly into this room from their deck so we loved the idea of being able to close the curtains sometimes but didn’t want to install blinds.

Lastly I’ve heard that jute rugs stand up really well with dogs.  Since Cooper’s favorite game involves running in circles around the coffee table until he falls over I’m leaning towards a jute rug, but then again I love the idea of a pattern.

I’m sure I will change my mind a million times between now and when we finish but here goes nothing.  If you have a similar room please share it with me, I would love to see what you did!

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