by Amber

Happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday Haylie!!  So first I hope that you have the very best birthday as you deserve it!  

Next, for all of you who don’t really know a lot about Haylie I want to take this chance to tell you a little bit about her.  First, she loves her husband Cole and her fur child Damon more than anything in the world I’m pretty sure!!  Just look at these two love birds!! If I had to tell you Haylie’s favorite thing to do, hands down it would be traveling.  This girl was born for adventure and never stops looking for the next opportunity to travel.  She studied abroad in college, got married in Italy, and since I’ve know her she hasn’t stopped traveling.  This year she and Cole traveled to Iceland, just look how beautiful this is!So when Haylie isn’t traveling what does she do you ask?  Well she is a photographer, blogger, watercolor painter, DIY lover, and the list could continue for days.  To be honest she is really good at whatever she sets her mind to.  This past year she decided one day to just try out watercolor… shocker she is really good!!  She has been painting houses for different realtors in our area and is killin’ it!

If I had to describe your personality in a photo, this is a good one…. (thanks for the help Cole)… total goofball!

Haylie, you are incredibly kind, smart, and extremely talented.  There isn’t much that you can’t do and I hope that you truly know that!  Have the most amazing birthday ever!!

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Colleen Gentry September 15, 2017 - 8:04 am

All of that is true and more. She’s quite an extraordinary woman! Happy Birthday Haylie!


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