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Happy Halloween!! I hope that everyone gets as excited as I do for trick-or-treaters!  I live in a neighborhood with a lot of children each year we get somewhere between 50-150 depending on if Halloween is on the weekend!  This year, it being on a Tuesday I’m sure we will have the smaller number, but I’m still already excited!  Even though I decorate my porch for Fall I also decorate the week before Halloween with “scary” decor!Now when I say scary, I really mean we put up the fake spider web stuff and a few fake spiders that you see below.  It doesn’t scare anyone under the age of 2, and maybe not even them.  We don’t want kids to be scared at our house since most of them are really small so we keep it kid friendly.

See, nothing really scary here!  Each year at the end of the season I go to Target and get anything cute on clearance that I can use next year.  That is how I have scored most of the decor that you see on my porch, gotta love Target!!  I also got a lot of feedback on my home sweet home mat, it is currently $10.99, if you want one check it out here.

Now, in case you missed my front porch update, this is what my porch looks like for the rest of Fall minus the week before Halloween.  I shared all about painting my door and updating our porch a few weeks ago in this post, be sure to check it out also.

So now for the rest of the house! 🙂 I get really excited about decorating for seasons, I can’t help it!  Haylie really enjoys making fun of me for this but that is just her way of showing me love, isn’t that sweet? This year without a dining table I’m not doing as much to our house since I look forward to decorating that first, but I still got super excited when I got out my fall pillows!  During the Spring/ Summer we have yellow, blue, and bright colored pillows on our couch, as soon as Fall arrives I switch them all out.  This is our couch now.

I also put a lot of little things all around the house, notice the two little pumpkins in our living room above.  As you can see below, I decorate the tv stand and switch out the pillows in the chairs as well.  I’m not sold on those yet to be honest but I’m still making up my mind. Since it’s Fall I should also point out that we have football on our tv all day Saturday, we are huge college football fans and really enjoy watching as many games as we can.  Go Gamecocks! This is a closer version of my cute little pumpkin collection.  If you live anywhere in the Charlotte, NC area you have to go to a little store in Indian Land, SC called The Southern Nest!  Ya’ll I can’t get enough of this store!  The two larger pumpkins are from The Southern Nest, while the little one is from Target.  Have I already said how much I love Fall?This is my little dining room set up.  Since I don’t have a dining table (long sigh here) I had to find another way to decorate the dining room this year.  This is all stuff that I just had laying around the house and was able to put together.  Most are antiques that I have picked up from road trips with my husband Daniel, so this little collection really means a lot to me.Now for our entryway table, these are all items that I had from last year or around the house.

I didn’t include photos of everything that I have around the house, but I put a pumpkin in just about every room in the house, I really can’t help it.   Each year I collect a couple of new items, most of them I pick up on sale or are gifted to me but this keeps my collection growing without hurting the wallet.  I have a few stores that I check each year both local and nationwide.  My favorites include: Southern Nest, Wayfair, Hobby Lobby, Target, Home Goods, Joann’s, and Pottery Barn Outlet.

With the cool autumn weather and the countless hours of football to be watched, our family time and projects begin to focus more on the inside of our home.  When we are inside, nothing is more inviting than having a cozy living room to watch movies, read books, play boardgames, or to just spend time together.

If you want to make a cozy and inviting living room, I have a few items that could help you do so below.  One of my favorite spots in our entire house is this space. I have also gotten a lot of feedback and questions on this space since recently posting to our Instagram account so I thought I would share some links.  This chair was purchased from Wayfair and I love it!!  We have two of them in our living room and they are extremely comfortable as they are a little oversized.  You can no longer purchase this exact version but this one is pretty much the exact same. 

To keep a cozy look and feel to our space I do the following: add cozy blankets, here’s one similar to mine, and pillows to all our chairs and couch, I love this one and this one as well.  I add different textures to our space such as baskets or wood elements like the basket my tree is in, similar to this one, and use lamps instead of overhead lighting. You can notice all of these things throughout our house tour above.  What do you do to keep your space cozy and inviting to friends and family?

I hope that everyone has a happy and safe halloween!!  Be sure to check back Thursday as Haylie will be sharing all of her natural decor tips and house tour photos, you don’t want to miss them!!



Colleen Gentry October 31, 2017 - 9:06 am

I love the idea of little bits of pumpkin all around the house. Really pretty!!

Amber October 31, 2017 - 11:36 am

Thank you so much Colleen, you are so sweet!!

Black Friday Deals November 1, 2017 - 7:09 am

I just love this Halloween decoration. You have decorated the house so well. Thanks for sharing this post.

Amber November 1, 2017 - 2:16 pm

Thank you so much for checking out our blog, we really appreciate it. I get really excited about decorating for Fall. 🙂


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