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My husband Daniel is not easily annoyed. He works in a middle school so it really takes a lot.  The one thing in our house that has been annoying him since the day after we moved in was our front door.  When we installed the punch code pad for our lock it left a small white circle on our black door.  I have to confess it has been driving me crazy as well but once inside, out of site out of mind.  That was until, probably for the first time in our marriage  I woke up early on a Saturday morning and he slept in… this literally NEVER happens!!  I am a girl who can’t function without 8 hours of sleep.  Anyways, with all that time on my hands I decided to start painting the front door and finish up our front porch refresh.  This was our porch in April of this year.

This is our front porch now.  We finished phase two of our landscaping and redid the front porch completely.

Below are a few details on some of the things we did.  Take a look and check out all the before and after photos.


This is our door before I painted it.  I removed the numbers, cleaned it really well, and taped the hardware as you can see below.

Please notice the little white circle I was talking about under the lock. It really drove us crazy!  Also, who knew how scratched a door could get in two years, apparently it really needed a new coat of paint anyways.

I used Haylie’s approach to painting our door since she already did her’s that you can find here.  We used Valspar Exterior Semigloss paint in Newport Gray from Lowe’s and I love it.

As for the other supplies we used the following: painters tape, angled brush, foam roller, canvas, and of course a step stool since I’m rather short.

I started by cutting in with an angled brush and then rolled the rest of the door.  In the middle of this process it looked like this.
After the first coat was finished it looked like this, soooo pretty, not!If you noticed the baby gate, Cooper insisted on being really close during this process and this was to make sure that he stayed inside.  He was also the guard dog while we had the door open all day.Now for the second coat, this is what it looked like while the paint was still wet but you can start to see it coming together.
Just like that we had a very blue door and a dog who really didn’t want us to close the door ever again.


Daniel and I went on an 18 day road trip this summer and it may have been the best 18 days of my life, minus one day that I had food poisoning, but that couldn’t keep us down!  We go on a road trip every summer and no matter what we bring some kind of antique home with us.  It’s our thing, some people bring a magnet or a coffee mug, but we bring someone’s old junk home as my grandmother would say.  I still prefer to say antique but if you don’t like antiques then you would probably agree with her.

While on our way home we decided to stop at multiple antique stores off the interstate in Indianapolis, Indiana.  At Little Doc’s Architectural Salvage & Antiques we found this glider.  Daniel immediately fell in love!! He has been wanting one of these for years, but they are always priced really high.  This one wasn’t cheap but needed some love since it doesn’t glide at all and we aren’t scared of the challenge, sooooo we scooped it up!! Isn’t it pretty!!

We loved all the stores in this area, if you live close by and love antiques check them out.  Check out Doc’s Architectural Salvage & Antiques facebook page here.  Also if you aren’t from this area I should note that the streets are one way, we didn’t know this until after we turned, thank goodness it wasn’t a busy day!!

We had spring/ summer annuals in these pots but since it’s fall I had to switch over to our fall porch plants.  I really love flowers and plants, I get it from my grandma.  I went to one of the nursery’s in our area that is know for large mums and a great pumpkin selection to pick up some of what I needed.  Surprisingly the large orange pumpkins came from Harris Teeter, they have a great pumpkin selection for $5.00 each. That’s a score in my book!

These are some of the pretty plants that I picked up.

I also picked up the two metal buckets on the right on our most recent trip to Grayson Highlands State Park.  I’m telling y’all, every time we go on a trip we come home with some kind of “junk” from an antique store.  It is like a sickness, we just can’t help it! (By we, I mainly mean me, oops!)


We really didn’t do much with this space but it made a really big difference.  Check it out.

We replaced this bench with our new glider and updated the pillows.  Then of course had to add some fall decor. I updated our planter with new flowers and added a few other planters.  Painted the door, new wreath, and again with the pumpkins!  I couldn’t help it!

Ta Da!! I know I mentioned a lot of this above, however, a quick source list goes as follows:

  • Painted door:  Newport Gray- Lowe’s Valspar paint
  • Flowers: Yellow and Red Mums
  • Bench: Little Doc’s Architectural Salvage & Antiques in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Mat: Target- they have the cutest mats for a great price, this is mine, only 10.99 currently.
  • Wreath: My awesome younger cousin made it for me
  • Pumpkins: Local nursery and Harris Teeter

Hope everyone is enjoying Fall because I certainly am. It’s just my favorite season and I love it!!  I think Cooper loves Fall also, it must be the cooler weather!!  Just look at this face! 

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