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What’s a FROG Room?- Guest Bedroom Reveal

by Amber

So I’m hoping that at least some of ya’ll know what a FROG room is, for those of you who don’t, it stands for finished room over garage.  The first time I said FROG room to Haylie, she looked at me like I had three heads, followed immediately with “What the heck is a FROG room?”.  My mom called it a FROG room when I was growing up and it stuck, can’t argue with Mom!!  Anyways, enough about frogs, this is our mini guest retreat that I hope will get a lot of use from our family and friends.

When deciding on a design for this space I wanted it to feel clean, cozy, and welcoming for our guests.  It also needed to be functional for our guests during their stay.  To start, this room use to be the bonus room. We decided this room would fit a queen bed more comfortably than the bonus room the bed was originally in.  We primarily watch television in our living room, but occasionally we retreat upstairs for a weekend of movies in the bonus room, so it’s kinda like a mini date to go upstairs and watch on movie on a Friday night!  Lame? Maybe, but that’s just the way we like it!


First up, we needed to move the bonus room across the hall (more info on that here) and the bed into the FROG room.  For a while it was just the mattress, two old school desks acting as a dresser, and the small cabinet.  I knew I wanted to use the cabinet for books and purchase another side table and dresser.  To make the room complete, I needed lamps, bedding, curtains, and decor, but that takes time.


Since the walls are small and we have a dramatically vaulted ceiling (Daniel often complains about hitting his head on the sloped walls), we wanted to go with a lighter color so it didn’t draw your attention to the ceiling.  It is hard to tell in the photos above but the left and right sides of the vaulted ceiling were white  If you have been reading the previous posts then you already know that I don’t want every room in the house yellow.  So I used a variety of samples on the wall before deciding on colors.

I used the following samples from left to right starting on the top row: Alpaca, Repose Gray (master bathroom color), Gray Sanctuary, Frosty White, Simple White, and Incredible White. When picking a paint color, I recommend looking at the samples multiple times throughout the day and night to choose your favorite.  After looking at them during the day and also at night I decided on Incredible White, the bottom right sample.  We used Sherwin Williams paint in a cashmere finish.  This is what it looked like when we finished painting, sorry about the iPhone photos, they are awful but it’s all I have from when we completed the room.

We had the white cabinet and two school desks for about a year.  No curtains, dust ruffle, or pillows for the guest to sleep on, and a old broken desk lamp.  It was a little sad, but fine since we have a second guest room, although we knew we needed to finish this room and stop ignoring it.


Now the fun part, decorating!! This happened over time and each piece was purchased at different places.  While Daniel and I were out of town we walked into an antique shop that was going out of business.  I found the side table and immediately thought, “that is perfect for the guest room.”  It needs a fresh coat of paint but that will come later!

Next, the dresser! Daniel and I were exploring The Depot, a local antique store, and I loved this dresser.  Little did I know that Santa was going to bring it to me for Christmas! I guess I was good last year, or I have the best husband ever! He gets me.

I was able to find a super simple curtain rod at World Market that allowed me to get extremely close to the vaulted ceiling walls, and a friend from work gave me the curtains.  They are perfect for now, score!

I picked up the lamps from Marshall’s Home Goods for $29 a piece, along with the coverlet set.  The dust ruffle is from Target, and everything else was re-purposed from somewhere else in the house or was a gift.  Just like that, we have a guest retreat, complete with newly finished Guest bath!



I still plan to do the following:

  • Hang a mirror or art on the walls above the dresser
  • Get a side chair
  • Add a shelf/ hanger for guest clothes over the mini door
  • Repaint left side table

Make sure to check back later for progress.  To also view the bonus room be sure to check out this post.

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