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Something about the fall just makes me think of fire, maybe it’s the smell, maybe it’s memories from when I went camping as a kid, I’m not really sure but all I know is that the fall to us involves fire.  I absolutely love the Summer and spending time on the water, but we really look forward to fall nights with a fire, s’mores, and the Carolina football game on.  Pretty much from the day it was installed, all year, Daniel asked every weekend that it wasn’t raining if I wanted to have a fire.  It was about a 50/50 chance each time but he still asked.  Though we didn’t install the fire pit ourselves, I wanted to share a little about the process with you.


August 2015, this is what it looked like just before we moved in, not a lot of grass and a completely blank canvas.


My husband, Daniel loves fire! I know a lot of people say that but if he could have a fire everyday he would.  After we toured our house before purchasing it, his first comment was that it didn’t have a fireplace.  It was a huge draw back for him, so we settled on an outdoor fire pit instead.  He worked countless hours to get his masters degree while moving, teaching, and coaching so I surprised him with this as a graduation present. I immediately wanted this installed for us so he could to start enjoy the yard, and life a little after graduating.

We moved in our home toward the end of August and the fire pit was installed three weeks later in September of 2015. The short term plan at the time: grow grass (you can see we had none), install sprinklers to help the grass grow, and a build the fire pit.  Little did we know this was only the beginning.  When deciding on the fire pit we knew we wanted something big, stone, and safe for pets and small children.  We contacted Vision Scape Group to help with the design and placement.  Our long term plan involved a stone patio so we didn’t know how to plan the fire pit around the nonexistent patio since we had only lived at the house for a month.  Side note: this long term plan recently came true, click here for that post.

This is it the day of the install.  I don’t have a single photo other than this one because it took Vision Scape a day and a half to install the fire pit while we were at work.  As you can also see, it wasn’t a very inviting place to hang out, especially when temperatures were still reaching the low 90s.

We decided, with the help of Vision Scape, to line the fire pit up to the center post of our deck, this would ensure that whatever we did with the patio later down the road, it would look good with the existing deck.  Once they started they had to move it over a few feet, away from the large tree (pictured below), because of the roots. That didn’t bother us very much.  You can’t really tell in this photo but it is off centered by about a foot.Though the image below was shot recently, it is the best angle to show that the middle deck post and the fire pit aren’t centered as I previously mentioned.  This also shows that we still didn’t have much grass around the fire pit, this was taken a few weeks before we had the patio installed. The fire pit is 6 feet wide in diameter and 14 inches tall from the current patio.  I unfortunately don’t know the measurement from before the patio installation but more to come on that very soon.  It has one ring of stones that are completely underground now but this is a photo pre-patio.  This was the yard for almost a year, no privacy from our neighbors and no space for our dog to run around, hence how unhappy he looked in the image above.

The images below were taken right before we had the patio installed.  The wood pile in the image above is where the birdhouses are now, that you can see in the image below.  It really is amazing how far our yard has come, once we installed our retaining wall pt 1 and pt 2 we couldn’t stop, it was like we had an addiction to improving our backyard!  If I could give advice to anyone looking to do work to there yard, take your time and do it in phases if you need to.  It really gives you time to decide and create the space you want.

That’s all folks!  We use this fire pit year-round and really love it!  We never feel like we need to worry about our dog, or our guests with small children getting burned or hurt, all thanks to the design and Vision Scape.  If you live around Charlotte, NC and are looking for someone to do some hardscaping I highly recommend Vision Scape.  For all the details on the patio we installed recently around the fire pit click here.

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