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Easy DIY Fabric Christmas Ornaments

by Haylie

One of my family’s most memorable holiday traditions is making crafts. We made everything from train engines made of candy, to all the baked sweets you could possibly imagine, and so many different ornaments. So now that I’m grown and I have my own family, I get the itch to be crafty around this time of year. My husband doesn’t quite get it but he definitely is a patient man and tolerates my mess.

Every year I make something new. This year I thought I would share with you how I made these adorable scrap fabric Christmas ornaments.

For me inspiration comes from the strangest places. I actually got the fabric for the white ones from some Ikea curtains that my mother helped me hem. I had a good foot left over from each panel so I got to thinking.  I loved the texture and loved how it frayed. So I ripped a few strips up and got inspired.


  • Fabric – preferably some that’s easily torn. I also used quilting squares
  • Styrofoam balls – various sizes
  • Ribbon
  • Long corsage pins
  • Small straight pins
  • Scissors

Step 1 – Rip It Up:

Tear your fabric into strips. (Tip: Fabric that is woven and is thinner is typically easier to tear. Also, if you start your tear with a cut it’s a little easier too)

Step 2 – Tack and Wrap:

Using one of the smaller pins tack the end of the first strip to the foam ball.

Wrap the fabric strip around the ball. With your finger, hold where the strip meets the end and the shift slightly to one side and continue wrapping until that strip ends.  Tack the tail end of the strip to the foam ball using a small straight pin.

Step 3 – Keep Wrapping:

Start where you left off with your previous strip and tack the next strip in the same spot. Wrap the second strip around the foam ball making sure it over laps the previous strip only slightly. Just enough to cover the foam. Once you reach it, tack the tail end and continue on to the next strip.

Step 4 – Repeat:

Continue to wrap the ball with the scraps until no foam is showing. Below is what your ornament should look like once it’s completely covered. 

Step 5 – Top It Off:

Find the axis of your ornament or where all of your strips converge and end. Grab a strip of ribbon. This will be used as your ornament hanger. Cut it at whatever length you like. Loop the ribbon around like in the photo below. For added strength you can pin the ribbon where my index finger is in the photo below. Tie a small bow with some excess ribbon and tack it to the ornament through the hanger using a corsage pin. 

Ta da! Wasn’t that easy?!?  I made a few different sizes and with different patterns. I loved this geometric quilting square I found to go with the white ones I made using some scraps I had lying around.  I love this ornament because you can make it look however you like. You can customize it based on the size, pattern and ribbon combination that you choose. Also 5 simple steps … It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you try this DIY Ornament, and I hope you do, send us photos of your ornaments and your fabric and ribbon combinations that you choose! From my house to yours, I hope you have enjoyed a sneak peek at how crafting is apart of our holiday tradition.  Happy crafting friends and Happy Holidays!

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Cole December 5, 2017 - 4:13 pm

How did you take all those pictures of both of your hands? 😀


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