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DIY Auto and Woodworking Inspired Workshop: Reveal

by Haylie

“Today is the day! The sun is shining! The tank is clean!!… GASP. The tank is clean!”  Two points for anyone who can guess that reference. But seriously, today is the day that we have been looking forward to for the past 5 months! Today is the day that we share with you the finished product of our exterior storage turned auto and woodworking inspired workshop. 

We have finally finished this ridiculously long and tedious process. I can’t imagine what it’s like to remodel a space within the home. I feel like our bathrooms (Master Bath Pt1, Pt 2, Guest Bath) weren’t bad in comparison. In some ways I feel like new construction is worse than remodeling. While the studs in our workshop previously existed, since we finished the space it felt like new construction.

To recap, our goals for the space were to gain organization, insulate and drywall the walls, add pegboard and shelving and create designated work spaces. Although some of the details of our plan changed along the way, we achieved every single one of these goals.


So this is where we started. We had the plans to paint the walls gray or at least do a half wall but that didn’t end up happening. We may still do this in the future but for now we decided to skip this step. You will understand when we get to the before and after photos why we were totally ok with keeping the walls white for the time being. They are a breath of fresh air.

We decided to go with a different product for the floor paint. It is a darker gray color and I think it could have been really great on a surface that was properly level and isn’t as unrefined as our cement floor is. The floor itself wasn’t all level and had peaks and valleys so the sheen of the product just enhanced the imperfections of the cement. I don’t think it had anything to do with the product, it was just that our floor was not a good candidate for the product.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?


The very first thing we touched in this remodel was our door into the space. We aimed to create a better insulated space so first things first was get a door with a sill at the bottom. Read ‘How To Install an Exterior Door‘ for a tutorial.


Incase you don’t remember, our workshop started as a storage unit that is attached to our carport and it just had bare studs.

So we finished the walls and insulated and added drywall. Read more about our insulation and drywall installation.


One of our other goals for this space was to create designated workspaces for both my husband Cole, the auto mechanic, and myself, the self-taught wood worker. Read ‘DIY Workbench‘ for the full scoop.

Above is my bench. Because I’m usually the one to use the power tools in our family I wanted a portable and extendable bench. I got the plans from Shanty 2 Chic. I love my bench! We have already used it a bunch and it has made our lives so much easier!

Cole being a hobbyist mechanic for his Classic Mini Cooper, needed a workspace and storage for heavy car parts. So we built him this floating workbench so that he could utilize the space beneath as additional storage.


Ready for some organization in our life, we added some overhead shelving to maximize floor space. For more info on this easy storage solution read our post ‘DIY Workshop: Organization Solutions‘.

We also added the most amazing pegboard called Wall Control.  My husband’s YouTube Chanel is also covering the remodel story and when he reached out to them they agreed to collaborate with his channel. So not only do they have a cool product but they are also a cool company!


Now the moment we have ALL been waiting for! We tied up some loose ends on the project and knocked out some finishing touches like trim and paint. Now our unorganized storage room has transformed into a spacious, bright workshop. Enjoy!

I couldn’t spend all this time talking about Cole’s Classic Mini DIY channel and not show you a photo of his Mini! Now I feel like the workshop is just as classic as his Mini. Did you also notice how the shelves on the Wall Control match his Mini Cooper?  We may have planned that. 🙂



Colleen Gentry November 16, 2017 - 4:59 pm

Amazing transformation. I love the floor!

Haylie November 17, 2017 - 12:39 pm

Thanks Colleen!! We love how everything turned out and more importantly we love using it!!


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