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So this post is titled bonus room, let’s be honest, this is mainly my husband’s room!  Daniel for the most part doesn’t have much to say when it comes to decorating the house.  He has a few issues with pink, purple, and orange (so those colors are instantly vetoed)  and tends to prefer antiques.  I agree with all of these things so happily ever after!  

If you missed my inspiration for this room be sure to check it out here.  Unsure with what to do after failed paint samples and mismatch art, we put this project on hold.  That was until Daniel went to an auction and came home with 7 really amazing, framed Charlotte newspapers.  As a history teacher they were right up his alley and he asked if we could put them upstairs, game on, bonus room makeover started immediately!!  This was the rooms current state until we hit auction gold.

Berlin Falls in the photo above is one of the prints that I’m talking about, isn’t it great!
Nothing gets you fired up about redoing a room like finding the perfect thing that helps design the space!  We knew we wanted to paint and hang some art, maybe some shelves but the inspiration stopped with that.  Sometimes you just need the perfect thing to really speak to you.  The prints were it for us.  He called me more excited than a kid on Christmas when he won the auction!  Apparently, someone else wanted them as much as he did, so we didn’t exactly steal them but it was worth every penny.  The framed newspaper below was the entire inspiration for this room.  The three going above the couch are dated 1945 and are from The Charlotte News Extra.  We both have a little nerd in us, mixed with a love for antiques, which makes for an interesting decorating approach but we will take it!

This is a really close view of one of them, they aren’t in perfect condition but that is just the way we like it.  Considering that we live in the Charlotte area, we couldn’t let them go!  For all of my other antique loving buddies, you also know the thrill of finding the perfect item!  So rewarding!!


The before photo clearly show some paint samples, 6 to be exact!!  Paint samples 1,2,3,4 across the top on the left side that we picked out, we hated for this space! The couch isn’t gray but isn’t brown either.  It is a very hard color to match paint to, so we decided to start over from scratch.  I got out my favorite booklet of color samples, Sherwin Williams Essentials Classic and Contemporary.  It consists of a very wide range of neutral colors that I always tend to fall back on.  We picked out Sherwin-Williams Amazing Gray, and Mindful Gray.  I purchased both samples with my 30% off coupon, score, and painted them on the wall as soon as I got home.  Before they were even dry, Daniel and I both agreed that Mindful Gray was the one!

Since I work full-time I painted the room at night; this photo is awful but gives you an idea of the transformation that a little paint can give.


We picked up some old barn wood at The Depot, an antique store in our area.  It is a great place if you are ever near Concord, NC!  Next, we ordered a flat tv mount from Amazon, if you are looking for one check out this one.  We really liked this one because it sits really close to the wall so when you walk in the room you don’t notice it.  The harder part, was deciding where to hang the tv mount and shelves.  This is when painters tape came in really really handy!

First, Daniel and I got comfy on the couch and thought about where we would actually like to look when watching movies.  We decided directly in front of us would be best so we measured the tv and placed a tape tv outline to the wall.  Next, we thought about how many shelves we wanted and where.  We moved these around a lot actually, that’s the nice thing about using painter’s tape first, it doesn’t hurt the wall. We ended up cutting them all about a foot shorter because of the door, you want to be sure you have enough space around all the shelves for a natural walkway.

Once we were happy with the placement, it was time to hang the shelves.  We purchased these brackets from Amazon, I highly recommend them because they were actually cheaper than anywhere else for the same exact bracket!  We wanted to go with the brackets I found in the inspiration, however we needed 10 and couldn’t justify the cost at the time of the project.  I still have big dreams for those brackets in other parts of our house!

Again, we did this project after work without light so ignore the awful photos.  We used our stud finder/ laser level, drill, and level to hang each bracket and shelf.  We drilled our first screw into place then held the laser level when drilling the second hole to make sure they were perfectly level as you can see below.

We placed the bracket on the first screw and made sure the bracket itself was level before adding the second screw to it.Next, repeat the steps above until all brackets have been installed.

The first installed shelf looked like this before we worked our way up the wall.


Next up, side table! So Haylie gave me the stump from her wedding reception, where she used stumps for center pieces on her tables. Not only is it pretty, but it has meaning behind it which makes it so much better!  I had a friend from work who loves wood working, and happens to be really great at it, make it nice and smooth for me.  After that it was pretty simple, this is what I used: drill, 3/16 drill bit, jute, and dental floss. 

First, I marked three places for the jute 1.5 inches from the edge, and drilled holes using a 3/16 bit.  Next I tried to get my jute through the hole, this was much harder than it should have been.  To make it easier I used some dental floss on the end to pull it though the hole. 

Lastly, once the yarn was pulled through all the holes I made a knot under the stump and made a loop at the top with all three pieces of yarn.

So we were in another antique store, shocker I know, and came across this metal hanger.  Daniel immediately said, look how cool this is and I totally agreed!  We didn’t even have to think about it.  It just had to come home with us and turns out we found the perfect place for it!  So this is the finished project and a sneak peek at the room!

With the closet so close and the room so small we didn’t have the option for an actual side table.  I also just really liked the look of the hanging stump.

To check out the reveal click here! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


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