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  • “Today is the day! The sun is shining! The tank is clean!!… GASP. The tank is clean!”  Two points for anyone who can guess that reference. But seriously, today is the day that we have been looking forward to for the past 5 months! Today is…

  • After getting our workbenches built and installed it was time to apply some organization to the space.  There were two main things that we wanted to implement in order to provide storage and organization in our space. 

  • DIY Workbench

    by Haylie October 24, 2017

    As a part of our workshop remodel and redefining of the space we created designated workspaces for both of us.  Before, there was only one workbench for Cole and the rest of the space was storage… or at least that was what it was intended to…

  • Have you ever started a DIY project and then realized that the way you were going to approach it was definitely not going to work and then had to totally regroup and start over? That is how we learned to install an exterior pre-hung door.

  • The one thing that was almost a deal breaker when we bought our house was that it didn’t have a garage. My husband, Cole is a classic Mini Cooper guru and has his own channel on Youtube where he posts tutorials and info about the car…