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  • Who here loves wall treatments and molding?  Well, I can say that I do, normally!  I am a huge fan of adding different wood treatments to add character and interest to a room.  Now, why is this a post on removing molding you ask….. well,…

  • This is a project that I knew I wanted to do in our living room the week after we moved in but ya know, sometimes life happens.  Fast forward two years and we have a faux shiplap wall!!  I’m happy dancing over here. 

  • One of my family’s most memorable holiday traditions is making crafts. We made everything from train engines made of candy, to all the baked sweets you could possibly imagine, and so many different ornaments. 


    by Amber October 3, 2017

    Having a wood fence means that you get to stain/ seal it.  Little did we know how long it would take, how much it would cost, or what it would do to our legs.  I’m here to tell you all about that so you aren’t…

  • After moving in we quickly learned that the grade of our driveway, in combination with the concrete ledge from our covered carport and the down spout from the corner of our house, funneled run off water into a pool at the base of our drive…