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  • Happy Halloween!! I hope that everyone gets as excited as I do for trick-or-treaters!  I live in a neighborhood with a lot of children each year we get somewhere between 50-150 depending on if Halloween is on the weekend!  This year, it being on a…

  • My husband Daniel is not easily annoyed. He works in a middle school so it really takes a lot.  The one thing in our house that has been annoying him since the day after we moved in was our front door.  When we installed the…


    by Amber September 7, 2017

    Good Morning!! Something about the summer time just makes me happy.  It’s light out from 6am-9pm, and the sound of the birds in our backyard, it just recharges my batteries.  Daniel and I spend so much time outside, we can’t seem to get enough.

  • This project has paid for itself 12 times over.  Last summer I was able to make my lunch from our garden every day. I saved roughly $800 in 4 months by not eating out for lunch all thanks to our garden box that we built.

  • My wonderful husband Daniel loves history, on our first date he actually talked about the history of pepper because he was so nervous!  Though I am normally not very interested in the history of pepper, I found it to be charming.  Ever since we first…

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